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Tri Viet Agricultural Food Trading Production Company Limited)

Our journey began with the tasty fruits of Vietnam, the fruits that have put Vietnam on the map such as Lime, Orange, Banana, Mango, Passion Fruit and Durian.

We wander near and far in order to find the most quality ingredients that are fresh fruits in order to create Trivie’s products.

Mr. Nguyen Huu Tri – President – Trivie

With one objective of consuming products based on the scale of commodity production, it is necessary to have a good outlet for agricultural produce. That is why we move our focus away from consuming fresh produce as it is getting harder to export fresh produce abroad.

After many years of cherishing and with our passion for fresh fruits, Tri Viet Trading Production Limited was officially established, according to business registration certificate No. 0314260898 by the Department of Planning and Investment. Ho Chi Minh City on 2 March 2017.

Although the company was just established and is still operating on small scale, its founder has had many years of research and direct involvement in the fields of investment consulting, production and processing of agricultural products. Therefore, the company has many partners in manufacturing, processing agricultural products, and trading partners in and outside the country.

The three main products of the company now include: fruit powder; Drying fruits; fruit juice

We are confident to bring customers TRIVIE brand name products such as: Non-Grain Lime Powder, Purple Lemon Powder (with and withou essential oil essential oil), Banana Powder, Mango Powder, Passion Fruit Powder, Ginger Powder, Orange Flour …; Mango dried fruit, FD dried mango …; Lemon juice, lemon juice, juice, orange juice, lime juice …

Start from raw materials, the purest fruits were selected to meet the strict requirements of the product.

It is expected to increase the average output to 40 tons per hectare per year next year.

Here, we apply new technology with fertilizer for lemons, bio-pesticides in accordance with regulations and techniques; Smoke treatment technology of Korea; To ensure the quality of VietGap, Global Gap and qualified to export fresh lemons to European markets.

All products are manufactured on automated production lines and fully enclosed to ensure that they meet the rigorous standards of hygiene and safety and are granted quality management certificates such as ISO 22000: 2005, ISO 14001: 2004; HACCP certificate.

We always follow every step of the production process, ensuring the products to meet our standards and benchmarks.

In the production process there are specific steps that must be controlled by heat to ensure the heat of the microorganism as well as the condition of the workshop. Equipment must meet hygiene standards. And especially manual workers must maintain personal hygienic procedures. The factors that contribute to the best quality product help us serve the customers best.

Each product is a precious child of ours.

From raw materials to finished products, perfect quality is always our goal.

the special feature is that product can retain the flavor of fresh fruit, which nutritional content is plentiful.

Despite the new appearance on the market, TRIVIE products have initially created prestige with customers in and outside the country.

Our goal is to cover products in all provinces in Vietnam. In addition, many foreign partners have come to TRIVIE such as: Thailand, Cambodia, China, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Singarpore, India, Ukraine, Belgium, Russia, USA, France, Canada.

Every day, shipments bring our products to all parts of the country, realize the dream of the products bearing the Vietnamese brand: For public health; Because the production – processing of agricultural products clean, high productivity; Branding, positioning for traditional fruit; Creating added value for Vietnamese agricultural products.

I think that is a very necessary direction of our country’s agriculture that Tri Viet invests in the intellectual, technical as well as capital to get the current product from lemon to mango fruit. other fruits of Vietnam.

Using lemon has been my daily routine for 40 years. Every morning I used two lemons and had to squeeze them out for the juice. But now with the products of Tri Viet here I don’t have to do that anymore. Both of the lemon powder and the concentrated juice make it more convenient. But the key benefit is the super nutrition values of lemon juice.

Professor Vo Tong Xuan – Principal – Nam Can Tho University

Tri Viet’s primary goal is not only to help us – the Vietnamese who use clean products. The bigger goal of Tri Viet is to make Vietnamese fruit go out to the world, to all the countries in the world.

Our dedication to providing the best products is the driving force behind our journey of passion and desire, bringing the essence and excitement of every TRIVIE product to consumers.


Our Products:

  • Bột Chuối – Banana powder
  • Bột Chanh Bông Tím – Lemon powder
  • Bột Chanh Không Hạt – Lime powder
  • Bột Cam – Orange powder
  • Bột Tắc – Kumquat powder
  • Bột Xoài – Mango powder
  • Bột Chanh Bông Tím (có tinh dầu) – lemon powder (with atracted oil)
  • Bột Chanh Dây – Passionfruit Powder
  • Bột Chanh Không Hạt (có tinh dầu) – lime powder (with atracted oil)
  • Bột Gừng – Ginger Powder
  • Bột Sầu Riêng – Durian powder
  • Bột Quả Bơ – Avocado Powder
  • Bột Thanh Long Đỏ – Red Dragon Fruit Powder
  • Bột Mãng Cầu -Soursops Powder
  • Bột Dưa Hấu – Watermelon Powder
  • Bột Gấc – Gac Powder
  • Bột Trà – Tea Powder
  • Frozen Watermelon Juice/ Nước dưa hấu đông lạnh thùng 20kg
  • Frozen Watermelon Juice/ Nước dưa hấu đông lạnh thùng 200kg
  • Frozen Unpasteurized Watermelon Juice/ Nước dưa hấu tiệt trùng UHT thùng 1000kg
  • Condensed Passion Fruit (Brix 50)/ Nước chanh dây cô đặc
  • Condensed Lemon Juice/ Nước cốt chanh
  • Sweetened Condensed Lemon Juice/ Nước cốt chanh có đường
  • Condensed Lime Juice/ Nước cốt chanh không hạt
  • Condensed Frozen Lime Juice/ Nước cốt chanh không hạt đông lạnh
  • Sweetened Condensed Lime Juice/ Nước cốt chanh không hạt có đường
  • Sweetened Condensed Kumquat Juice/ Nước cốt Tắc có đường
  • Sweetened Condensed Orange Juice/ Nước cốt cam có đường
  • Condensed Passion Fruit Juice/ Nước cốt chanh dây
  • Sweetened Condensed Passion Fruit Juice/ Nước cốt chanh dây có đường
  • Condensed Fruit Juice/ Nước cốt trái cây tiệt trùng
  • Soft Dried Banana/ Chuối sấy dẻo
  • Soft Dried Mango/ Xoài sấy dẻo
  • Soft Dried Dragon Fruit/ Thanh long sấy dẻo
  • Dried Dragon Fruit/ Thanh long sấy khô
  • Chanh không hạt (Lime),
  • Chanh bông tím (Lemon),
  • Chanh dây, Xoài Cát Chu,
  • Gừng, Chuối Cavendish,
  • Bưởi da xanh (Grapefruit)
  • Frozen Cut Lime/ Chanh Không hạt (Lime) cắt miếng (6 miếng/quả) đông lạnh
  • Skinless Passion Fruit (pulp, seed and juice)/ Chanh dây đông lạnh (nguyên hột và ruột – Chanh múc)
  • Dried Vegetables/ Rau củ sấy

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